Welcome to The Adventure Budget!  I'm a veterinarian by trade and hopeless dilettante by inclination.  My hobbies are numerous and eclectic, ranging from trail running to sheep herding to geeking out over spreadsheets.  They do have a pretty strong outdoor adventure bent, however.  At this blog's inception, I've managed to have some excellent adventures so far.  I've hiked over 5,000 miles on the Pacific Crest and Continental Divide trails, climbed massive rainforest trees in the Amazon to temporarily steal parrot chicks for science, ridden on the back of a very drunk wildebeest in the bed of a pickup truck, and done various other fun and probably ill-advised things in my life.  My day job as a small animal vet is less outrageous, but still keeps me on my toes every day. 

You've gotten a little background on the "Adventure" part of this blog's title, but why "Budget?"   This blog will focus on how I manage money to afford this life.  While I genuinely enjoy my work, I have one short life and a massive, beautiful world to explore.  I'm pursuing financial independence (FI) to buy more freedom to adventure, volunteer for cool causes that won't pay the bills, and generally live well off the clock. For those outside FI world, financial independence is the point where you have accumulated enough money that work becomes optional.  The most commonly used definition for FI is possessing invested assets equal to 25 times your annual spending, kicking off enough gains and dividends to support your lifestyle indefinitely.  Getting there mostly involves spending far less than you make and investing the difference.  I'll document my progress toward FI, share my strategies for saving, talk travel on the cheap, and discuss what I've done right and wrong along the way.  


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